Objectives & Strategies | Interior Architecture

Objectives & Strategies

IARc Objectives

  • Frame interior architecture within the contexts of liberal arts education, a rich cultural heritage, and within environmental concerns;
  • Actively experiment and fully explore design-related issues in progressive studio environments through analyses, conceptual frameworks, critical discourses, and design processes;
  • Undertake joyful exploration in all aspects of design;
  • Form support courses, lectures, seminars, and special events concisely relevant to design;
  • Initiate design-related scholarship and research of discovery and application;
  • Render service in and beyond the academic community.

IARc Strategies

  • Emphasize history, precedent, and design fundamentals as tenets of design;
  • Focus on technology and stewardship as a means for design and production;
  • Develop excellent communication skills (i.e., drawing, model building, writing, and public speaking);
  • Build studio-centered communities within the program;
  • Make local/international connections to industry, educators, practitioners in research, work, and travel.