Glenwood Grove Mural

At CC-ED, we are finally starting to get into our projects! One that we’ve collectively been working on is a mural that would be painted on a building in Glenwood at the corner of Glenwood Ave. and Grove Street. This came about when the owner of the building, Greg Porter, contacted Travis Hicks about creating a mural that would be on the north wall of the building. Travis and fellow IARC professor Tommy Lambeth reached out to Amanda Castelda with Avery Dennison, which is a global company with local presence in GSO. They have a community grant program and we were eventually awarded one for assembling a team of people from Avery Dennison to work on the project.

With Chris Thomas of the UNCG Art department, the Art and Interior Architecture departments came together to work on the mural. CC-ED member Joy Troyer was a key collaborator in this project and took part in the Glenwood neighborhood’s holiday bazaar in December 2013. There she gathered community feedback and invited people to draw and write on a blank version of the wall.

Over the course of the spring semester, students took part in charettes, meetings with the Greater Glenwood Neighborhood Association, and now contributions of CC-ED to make the mural a reality.

So far, we have been refining the design based on the feedback we’ve received over the last few months. Together, we have been exploring what design truly expresses the essence of Glenwood and have been working on how to capture it. It is still an ongoing process, but we are truly inspired and motivated to create something that the community can feel proud of.