The notes you left us.

Community engagement is…

  • Visionary, natural, fun, healing, reciprocal, vital, continual, rewarding
    work, shared ownership, and co-learning
  • A religion that must be professed
  • A learning experience

I envision a community that…

  • Participates and collaborates
  • Is interactive
  • Is accepting of differences and grows together
  • Breaks down barriers and is progressive
  • Is exciting
  • Offers sustainable support
  • Is free of discrimination
  • Gives back

I envision a city that…

  • Plays together
  • Is friendly and safe
  • Embraces diversity
  • Encourages students to stay in Greensboro, and offers life-long economic opportunities
  • Is creative
  • Is Green
  • Is supportive and collaborates with each other
  • Sets global precedents
  • Has a shared vision
  • Has an identity and is unified

I envision a campus that…

  • Cares about its impact on the community, is involved with the community, and is valued by the community
  • Is connected, diverse, supportive, matters, is engaged, helpful, and multigenerational
  • Bridges the gap, and promotes togetherness in the Glenwood community
  • Links scholarship with people
  • Oozes innovation!
  • Is considerate of everyone
  • Feels like home

UNCG brings to the community…

  • Smart students
  • Unity
  • Design experience
  • Engagement
  • Young minds who are ready to help

We need…

  • To inspire greatness, empathy, love, and understanding
  • More wonderful spaces like this
  • A bike-able and walk-able Greensboro
  • People to help the community more
  • To have fun!

CC-ED should…

  • Expand
  • Help people
  • Address homelessness
  • Open its doors more often
  • Be a community hub
  • Work for interest of the city at large
  • Be a catalyst

I am really good at…

  • Pushing and encouraging difficult but necessary conversations
  • Seeing design ideas

I am…

  • Inspired, blessed, crazy, passionate
  • Open to new ideas
  • Willing to listen
  • Not “I”
  • A father
  • cyclist
  • planner
  • singer
  • writer
  • girl
  • teacher
  • CC-ED Fellow
  • designer
  • Scared and hopeful

Thank-you to everyone who participated in this event at our open house!