Tiny House Workday!

Last Sunday I bundled up and headed out to work on the tiny house with Tiny House Greensboro. I was not sure what I would be working on but was excited to see the tiny house again. As I pulled into the parking lot of the IRC (Interactive Resource Center) I saw the wonderful green siding along the north side of the house.  Every time I see the tiny house it looks more like a home.  I got out of my car and walked around to the front of the house and see some people I know and a few I had yet to meet. After taking some pictures I talked with Audra Volpi (the coordinator for tiny house Greensboro) about the progress of the tiny house and when the next work days would be and she told me that hopefully there will be work days in January!

Then I got to work by helping smooth out the caulk around the trim of the house. I attempted to use a scrap piece of material but I ended up using my fingers. It was like finger painting with icing. Next I started helping with putting siding up around the front of the house. I worked with an awesome lady named Marilyn, we would measure the spacing for the siding and then put the piece in place. All the time making sure the pieces were even so when they all came back together above the door and window the siding would be consistent.

After taking a short lunch break we continued to work on the siding but I knew I was running out of time. As much as I would have enjoyed staying and working on the tiny house until late in the afternoon, the responsibilities of a student demanded my attention.