Visit to Vance Chavis Library and Gateway Gradens

One of the projects for the CC-ED involves gathering data from past design studios in IARc, and assessing needs for a new design for the neighborhood library. We plan to do focus groups, meet with librarians, propose a redesign for the space.

The Vance Chavis Library is a busy local library that offers a number of activities.

We ventured down Lee street to the Vance Chavis Library. We took notes and photos on the layout of the space. We spoke with the two of the librarians about what they would like to see in a new library, the first thing they said was storage. We plan to meet up with the librarians again in a few weeks to get more information.

Then we continued down the road to the Gateway Gardens as inspiration for the library. We ran into the director, Paul Greiwe. He talked to us about the materials they used on the exterior of the building and the environmental systems. The yellow shingles and the rocks are made of concrete.