Emily Reichenbach (Miller), MFA 2018

Emily Reichenbach (Miller), MFA 2018

Posted on August 14, 2020

Interior Designer, Morris-Berg Architects

Emily began her MFA in Interior Architecture at UNC-G in 2015 and was further embedded into the University while working as a Teaching Assistant for Visual Communications I and II.  Her thesis subject was Biophilic Design in educational environments based on a passion for the environment and deep-rooted connection with nature.  Her work was recognized by the Eaton Lighting SOURCE Awards in 2017 at Lightfair in Philadelphia, PA.

Following graduation in 2018, Emily joined Morris-Berg Architects, a commercial design firm in Charlotte, NC that specializes in educational projects. Emily’s broad roles involve the implementation of design strategies at all project phases, including generating solutions during construction. Her leadership experience at UNC-G directly translates to her ability to run client and user-group meetings, design concept generation and implementation while coordinating and developing interior finishes and furniture. Thoughtfully applying Biophilic Design concepts for wellness centers and K-12 environments has enhanced the projects Emily is involved in through material and furniture selection that elevates the level of sustainably and quality of experience for end-users, with the net effect of positively impacting the business practices of Morris-Berg Architects. Emily continues to thrive both in and out of the office; her next goal is to become NCIDQ certified.

Emily Reichenbach