From UNCG to Vietnam

From UNCG to Vietnam

Posted on September 22, 2017

By Carolina Marty

IARc fourth-year students, led by professor Sabrina Frey are embarking on a hospitality project this semester. The students are designing a Destination Village in a national park in Vietnam. This project will incorporate several structures like high-end boutique hotels, restaurants, entertainment areas, and retail, allowing the students to focus on different areas of interest. The students will be working together to develop this project.

As part of their precedent studies, the group went on a road trip to Asheville, North Carolina, where they visited a destination village. Their chosen place was the Biltmore Village since it possesses all the elements they expect to incorporate into their design.

During this trip, they met with local businesses to learn more about their area of expertise and what their target clientele might be for this project. They also learned about the collaboration between local businesses, which they might incorporate into their design concept.