Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to submit a portfolio as an admission requirement? What are the portfolio requirements?
Yes, portfolio is required for admission to the Interior Architecture department. We accept digital (PDF only) or hard copy. We ask for representative examples of design work including short written descriptions of the projects. If it is a professional project, please clarify your role in the project. Your portfolio should give us a sense of your design skills and design experience. We do not require a specific number of projects or a certain format for the portfolio. You may choose to include examples of 2-D or 3-D work.

Your website mentions that I need to appear for an interview for admission. What if I am not able to come to UNCG before classes begin?
For students who are unable to visit UNCG in person before starting the program, interview by telephone or Skype is acceptable. 

Is GRE a requirement for admission into the program? 
For admission to the Interior Architecture department, Graduate Record Examination is required by the UNCG Graduate School. Acceptable GRE scores are 152 for verbal, 152 for quantitative if taken after August 1, 2011 or test scores in the 500 range on both the verbal and quantitative sections. A score of 3.5 or better on the analytical writing section is an acceptable prerequisite for consideration.

What are the other admission requirements for international students? 
For international students, information is available at regarding admission requirements.

Is IELTS score accepted instead of TOEFL score? If yes, what is the minimum requirement?
UNCG accepts IELTS score. A score of at least 6.5 is required on the IELTS. Minimum required score for TOEFL depends on the form of the exam taken (internet based – 79, or paper based – 550).

What is the cost to attend the University for one academic year that is inclusive of the tuition, living expenses, books and supplies at the University for one academic year?
Please check the following webpage for estimated cost of attending UNCG:

What are the funding opportunities for graduate students?
Applicants who apply by April 1st will be considered for competitive assistantships and scholarships. These funding opportunities range from supplementary funds to full-semester tuition waivers with pay and benefits. Departmental assistantships require 16 hours of service per week and students conduct a range of tasks — from assisting with undergraduate courses to supervising woodshop and digital fabrication facilities. Nearly all of our graduate students receive funding assistance at some point during their graduate studies.

What are the computer technology requirements for graduate students?
Graduate students follow the same technology guidelines as our undergraduate program. Detailed information is available here.

Am I eligible to appear for the NCIDQ examination on graduation from the MFA program if I don’t have an undergraduate degree in interior design/ interior architecture?
Yes, because our MFA program includes 60 semester hours of coursework culminating in an interior architecture degree, you will be eligible to pursue route 3 to sit for NCIDQ examination as mentioned on the NCIDQ website.

What is the future direction of the graduate program?
We have recently transitioned to a terminal 60-hour MFA graduate program. With this change, we have increased the opportunities for students to connect their scholarship to design studio investigations. Starting in Spring 2016, we will be hosting our first departmental MFA exhibition.