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IARc Students Develop UNCG’s Campus

Professor Lambeth and the first year Design Visualization students paired up with UNCG to restore the campus’ old McIver Building. The team will develop a strategy to enhance the spatial experience of the hallways inside the McIver Building.

The original McIver Memorial Building was named after the founder and first President of the university – Charles Duncan McIver. This building was constructed in 1908 on the site of the current McIver Building and later torn down in 1958. The current McIver Building opened for use in 1960 and provides office and classroom space primarily for the College of Arts and Sciences. In 1967, an addition was added to provide studio space for the Art Department, as well as additional classroom and office spaces. Today, the McIver Building houses a variety of campus offices and organizations, yet there is little differentiation between this diversity in the building’s design.  Consequently, the long and narrow hallways appear to be generic, cold, and uninviting.  

In order to revive the building to its fullest potential, IARc’s first-year students must use elements and principles of design to develop their strategy.  They have decided that color, texture, and pattern is the main focus, in order to break down the scale of the hallway and make it more inviting.  Within the entire project process, students will attend a color workshop, take inventory of the various organizational offices in the McIver Building, create research precedents, develop drafts of initial drawings, and collect color samples from various paint companies.  Their first critique was held on Wednesday, April 12 and their final critique will be on Friday, April 21st.