[i]news Archive

IARc used to send electronic updates to our students, parents, alumni, friends, and design professionals about once a month.  The digital [i]news kept people informed about the latest happenings in the department and was the quickest way to be informed about all of the wonderful work in the department of interior architecture. Below is an archive of all IARc inews.

We now post all current stories and photos on our website and share them on our social media pages. Connect with us through Facebook, InstagramTwitter, and LinkedIn!

October 2017: Competitions, Conferences & more!

September 2017: Projects, Projects, Projects!

April 2017: Announcing IARc’s New Department Head!

March 2017: IARc – A Place of Discovery, Stewardship, Innovation, and Imagination

February 2017: New Year, New Semester, New IARc iNews!

September 2015: Welcome Back Faculty and Staff!
April 2015: IARc hops towards spring semester goals in April!
March 2015: March brings spring and many exciting IARc activities!
November 2014: IARc collaboration continues into November
October 2014: Autumn in IARc welcomes warm transitions as well as community celebrations
September 2014: New Semester Begins
November 2013: November 2013 Final Fall Days
October 2013: October 2013 Exciting Events
September 2013: 
New Year of Design
May 2013: 
Great Year of Design
April 2013: 
Springing into Design
March 2013: 
Design Takes Root
February 2013: Moving On
January 2013: New Year New Adventures
December 2012: Year End Studios
November 2012:
 Creating a Community
October 2012: Idea Exchange
September 2012
: New Adventures
March 2012: Connections
February 2012: Passions
January 2012: New Beginnings
November 2011: Community
October 2011: Looking Up and Toward the Future…
April 2011: Spring is in the air..and with it comes new beginnings…
March 2011: Meeting the Challenge…
February 2011: Building Community…A new Place for IARc
November/December 2010: Connecting with the Community Near and Far…
October 2010: Harvesting new ideas…
September 2010: New Additions to our team
May 2010: Flutter of Festivities 
April 2010
: Oh the Places we Go …
March 2010
: In like a lion out like a lamb… 
February 2010
: Making the most of the lessons we’ve learned…
December 2009 : Wrapping it Up…
November 2009: A time for thanks and giving
October 2009: autumn…the new season for giving
September 2009: new…new…new…beginnings
April/May 2009: time to renew, unwind and celebrate
March 2009: Over the mountains and through the woods
February 2009: The little month that could
January 2009: IARc community partnerships
December 2008: IARc final year end reviews
November 2008: IARc making a difference through design
October 2008: IARc local to global 
September 2008: IARc students at work
August 2008: IARc summer break news
March 2008: IARc core values. focus on innovation
February 2008: IARc core values. focus on stewardship
January 2008: IARc core values. focus on community
December 2007: End-of-semester reviews: student awards
November 2007: Lowenstein/modernism exhibit. 41 student awards
October 2007: IARc Speakers. Student Awards. Faculty Updates
September 2007: Maximizing the Minimum. Student Awards. Alumni Updates