Computer Requirements

A computer is required for Interior Architecture students. Below are the recommended specs suggested to look for in a Windows (PC) computer:

Performance High Performance
Processor i7- Quad Core 2.50GHz (or higher) Xeon Quad Core 2.80GHz (or higher)
RAM 16gb 32gb
Storage (capacity is more of a preference) 256gb SolidState 512gb SolidState
Graphics Card NVIDIA M1000M, M2000M w/4GB or AMD FirePro W5130M w/2GB NVIDIA M3000M, M4000M w/4GB or AMD FirePro W7170M w/4GB

Below are some popular models that should be customizable to include recommended configurations:

  • HP ZBook 15/17/Studio
  • Dell Precision 3000/5000/7000
  • Lenovo P50/P70

List of Required Software and Related Expenditure:

Vender Software Program Subscription Based Cost
Adobe Creative Cloud $239.88/1st year ($359.99/year)
Trimble Buildings SketchUp Pro 2014 $49.00/year
Microsoft MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook) Free (
Autodesk AutoCAD Free (
McNeel Rhino $195
Lighting Analysts AGi32 Free (see instructor) Basic subscription $25.00/month-to-month or $239.88/year

If you have questions, please contact our Digital Director, Derek Toomes at: