Third Year Students Practice Commercial Design

Third Year Students Practice Commercial Design

Posted on February 6, 2017

The third year studio projects with professors Suzanne Cabrera and Amanda Gale focus on the application of evidence-based design. There will be two main projects through the semester that will each have important implications. The first project will be on learning environments and the second project will be on retail environments. These projects are meant to give students experience with varying specializations that are possible within the commercial design industry.

Complex design projects offer the challenge of thinking across many dimensions. The design decisions have implications that can influence well-being, sustainability, productivity, and sales. Thus, the implementation of a design program based on strong conceptual and evidence-based design is imperative.

Students working with Professor Gale are working on learning environments in an elementary school located in Greensboro, North Carolina. Students are making site visits, gathering field measurements, interviewing, and observing students and teachers.

Students in Professor Cabrera’s section are designing retail kiosks. Students are working in groups of 4 and each group has been assigned a particular product, either ties, perfumes, hats, or shoes. After developing case studies of kiosks in malls, students developed concepts related to their products.