Tommy Lambeth, Maker of Things

Tommy Lambeth, Maker of Things

Posted on March 7, 2017

Associate Professor Tommy Lambeth; is a “maker of things,” his words, as he strays away from the label of artist. In a series of sculptures inspired by the french dance style of Minuet, he experiments with natural materials found or harvested from his farm. I got the chance to sit and speak with Tommy about this series he’s been working on for the past two years.

The sculptures are very natural in appearance, dried pieces of cherry logs or pokeberry branches that express the movement of dance. One piece shows a larger log that split into two directions and bared a good resemblance to the torso in motion of a dance move. Tommy is very thoughtful about the interaction of the piece with its viewer as well. The pedestal and piece are at a height that shares the torso they imitate so well and comes across as a great way to link the two visually and by reference of the viewer and sculpture.


The other piece presented multiple dried branches of the pokeberry bush, shaved and cut to balance and stand in reference to each other. Often presented in pairs and even in larger formations, the way these pieces act in accordance with the others is very evocative to dancing. The organic curves of the natural forms also contribute to an overall looseness to the pieces that appear relaxed and free flowing.


Both sculptures were in Tommy’s office and similar to the pieces he has displayed at the Center for Visual Arts (CVA). It was great to get a chance to talk to him about the inspiration and his approach to making them. The CVA is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote and assist emerging artist of all ages in the Greensboro area. They are located in downtown Greensboro at 200 N Davie St #13, Greensboro, NC 27401. Please take some time to visit the show at the CVA where Tommy has two more of these wonderful sculptures displayed alongside other local artist and makers.