Student Success Rates

Student Achievement Data for the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture
May 2017

  • Job Placement: Among our recent May 2016 and December 2016 graduates, 21 of 25 have jobs which generate a job placement rate of 84%.
  • Acceptance into Graduate School: In 2016, one student applied and was accepted to graduate school.
  • Graduation Rates: Of the 38 students accepted into 1st year in 2012, 25 or about 66% of those students graduated in 4 or 4.5  years in the Spring of 2016 or Fall of 2016.
  • Retention and Attrition Rates: Using class roles from the 4 levels of design studio taught each semester and the fall-to-spring semester example provided by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation, we can report a retention rate of 97% from Fall 2015 to Spring 2016 which indicates a 3% attrition rate.