The learning modules are a self-paced discovery environment, not tied to specific software programs. They are centered on the premise that most lighting design software programs are based on radiosity or raytracing or a combination of both [1]. If these software concepts were suitably linked to the lighting design concepts, designers would feel less intimidated in using the programs.

The learning modules are thus divided into three main components (see Figure 1) with topics hyperlinked to one another: (a) lighting concepts module covering fundamental knowledge on lighting, (b) software concepts module on the related lighting design software knowledge, and (c) lighting application module which demonstrates the application of knowledge from the other modules for specific lighting tasks.


module diagram

You will find that these main components are arranged in this resource in relation to the different stages of the Lighting Design Process.

The lighting design software used in these modules are primarily AGi32, Ecotect and Autodesk 3ds Max Design. A list of available software applications and their capabilities were last featured in the LD+A magazine in 2005 [2]. Out of them AGi32 and Lumen Micro were most commonly used by lighting designers for their accuracy and speed. Development of Lumen Micro stalled in 2007. Its users were asked to switch to AGi32.


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