Past Thesis Titles | Interior Architecture

Past Thesis Titles

All M.F.A. students in Interior Architecture complete theses. Theses cover a wide range of topics within interior architecture and reflect the variety of student research interests. The thesis topic is developed by the student in concert with her/ his faculty in the first year of study. The following theses have been completed by graduate students since 1990. All IAR theses since 2005 are available online through the UNCG Library.

Kate Horton 2022 Designing for social wellbeing: Creating a restorative urbanism model for interior environments
Page Bischler 2022 School design for students with ADHD
Monica Davis 2022 Tracing changes and revealing culture : a study of shotgun houses in the East Wilson Historic District, 1988-2019
Callista “Kista” Mansell 2022 Designing for main street : analysis of design services provided to the North Carolina Main Street Program by Main Street Fellows at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro’s Center for Community-Engaged Design
Ramin Mahdizadeh Saber 2022 Exploring computer visualization as an effective tool to overcome communication barriers among nonprofit stakeholders
Ashley Skinner 2022 Designing for the future from the past : a modern demonstration of nostalgia through domestic interior product design
Cameron John 2021 Paper Space & Interior Fiction: Employing Speculative Design to Explore the Creative Design Process and Conceptual Interiority
Victoria Orlopp 2021 Adapting to the Times: Rethinking the Function and Design of Regional and Super-Regional Enclosed Shopping Malls in North Carolina.
Erik Swanson 2021 Experience and Exposure: Virtual Reality as a Conduit for Active Meditation
Mona Algamdi 2020 Connecting Elders to Nature. A Study on Using Biophilic Design to Foster Successful Aging at Home in Saudi Arabia.
Christopher Vann 2019 A Reassessment of Enlightenment Architectural Thought in Thomas Jefferson’s Poplar Forest: A Phenomenological Case Study.
Emily Miller 2018 Implementing Biophilic Attributes in Elementary Schools.
Divya Chivukula 2018 Makerspaces-The Future of Public Libraries
Isabel Leon Villasmil 2018 Promoting Environmentally Responsible Behaviors in Public Elementary Schools’ Children
Luisa Carolina Marty Matos 2018 Adaptive Hospitality: Identifying Design Strategies in the Adaptive Reuse of Historic Buildings as Boutique Hotels
Jessica Ocasio Adorno 2018 Micro-dwellings as Housing for Young Adult Professionals
Emily-Kate Hannapel 2018 ReMobile Home: An Exploration of Mobile Homes in Rural North Carolina
Sookwang Lee 2017 Research of Future Furniture Design : Exploring
Trends and Aesthetics in Futurism
Sheila O’Rourke 2017 Designing Deeper: Creating Interior Spaces That Support WellBeing
Through Explorations in Process Driven Design
Lyndsey Blackmon 2017 Wellbeing; The Great Design
John Kennedy 2016 Creating Emotional Durability: Surface | Narrative |Ritual
Malaknaz Modaresnezhad 2016 A Comparative Study of Workstation Partitions in an Existing Side-Lit Open Plan Office with Daylight Results Using Annual Climate-Based Simulations
Mardita Murphy 2016 Preserving the Kirkbride Legacy: An Analysis of the Extant State of the Plan and Challenges of Adaptive Reuse
Catherine L. French 2015 Historic Character Preservation During Neighborhood Revitalization: a Mixed Methods Analysis
Susan Webster 2015 The Effects of Living Plants on Cognitive and Behavioral Responses of Persons with Dementia
Dana Rojak 2015 Historic Place Attachment: Exploring Place Attachment at Natty Greene’s Brewing Company
Shahrzad Sabehzar 2014 Contemporary Persian Restaurant Design in North Carolina
Felicia Dean 2014 FABRICating FORM: Generating Three-Dimensional Upholstery amid Experiments in Process Driven Design
Christine Lumans 2014 Printable products: Investigating three-dimensional Printing in the Design Process of Interior Products
Majedeh Modarres Nezhad 2014 Evidence-based Strategies for Sustainable Lighting Design in Grocery Stores
Sangni Qu 2014 An Investigation of the Influence of Pediatric Unit Design on Nurses’ Fatigue
Ashley Dale 2014 Pattern, Process, Production: A Design Investigation in Interior Product Design, Exploring Pattern, Digital Fabrication, and Ceramic Production
Aguilera, Claudia 2013 Decoding Craft: Communicating Identity Through a System of Design
Postlmayr, Lauren Michelle 2013 Rehab Code Versus the North Carolina Building Code: A Comparison of Their Application in Preservation Tax Credit Projects, 2002-2012
Vega, Mary Estelle 2013 A Guide to Good Stewardship: Sustainable Preservation Strategies for Popular Historic Homes in North Carolina
Elliott, Brooke Erin 2013 Art Reshaping Space
Will, Anna Kate 2013 Patterns of Behavior Over Coffee: An Exploration of Engagement Among Coffee-House Patrons in Greensboro, North Carolina
Gentry, Abby Anne 2012 1920’s North Carolina High Schools Adapting to Twenty-first Century Needs
Johnson, Margaret P. 2012 Gender Dichotomies in the Kitchen: Feminine and Masculine Qualities of Spaces and Artifacts
Klem, Megan J. 2012 North Carolina Mill Rehabilitation: An Analysis of Historic Building Character and Design Strategies
McGee, Beth 2012 An Inventory of Biophilic Design Attributes within Child Life Play Spaces
McGimsey, Laura 2012 Post-War Housing As a Contemporary Home: A Case Study of Residential Change in the Kirkwood Neighborhood
Reilly, Karyn Judd 2012 Kitchen as Text: Decoding the Influence of Julia Child on Interiors, 1962-1969
Sikes, Kathryn Marie 2012 Making Your Own Meaning: Designing Constructivist Interactive History Exhibits
Wall, Natalie Lentz 2012 Re-mystifying the Exhibition of Medieval Sacred Objects
Brandt, Kathryn 2011 Plugging In: Reinterpreting the Traditional Housing Archetype within a community Using Shipping Containers.
Keane, Claire 2011 Providing Home Through Affordable Infill Housing in Historic District
Wade, Kimberlie 2011 Engage: Designing Interior Products for the Communal Dining Experience
Brooker, Stephanie 2011 Primay Objects: Developing a New Type of Furniture for the Early Elementary Classroom.
Jones, Brandon 2011 Searching for Design Energy: Re-visiting My Generative Process Using Selection, Evaluation, and Morphing to Generate New Ideas
Shepulski, Lauren 2011 The Value of a Rehabilitated Neighborhood School in Edenton, NC: a Quantitative and Qualitative Inquiry
Isaac Lara, Adriana 2010 Interactive Public “Art-chitecture”: Engaging the City and its Inhabitants
Williams, Joy 2010 Historic Tax Incentives and Disaster Relief: A Case Study on Post-Katrina New Orleans
Marion, Sarah Whitfield 2010 Historic Preservation=Community Revitalization: New Beginnings for Carolina Piedmont Textile Towns
Hayden, Amanda 2010 Optimizing Small Spaces: A New Typology for Living Functions of the Millennial Generation
Boycher, Ashley 2010 The Emerging Voice…of the Exhibition Designer
Morehead, Vanessa J. 2010 Conserving America’s Recent Past: A Study of the Mid-Century Modern Rehabilitation Process