New Designs for Local Businesses

New Designs for Local Businesses

Posted on April 18, 2017

Last month, the 3rd year Interior Architecture students created a series of window displays for local, Greensboro businesses. This project was part of the students’ studio class under the supervision of professor Suzanne Cabrera. Students were divided in four groups of four and assigned a local store. The participating stores were: Just Be, Vintage to Vogue, Loco for Coco and Shelf Life. The window displays were customized to represent the brands of each business and were created with unconventional materials. The budget for the displays was $100.

Before beginning their projects, the 3rd year students enjoyed a presentation from graduate students, Emily-Kate Hannapel and Christopher Vann. They discussed design practices that increase retail store sales. For more information about the processes and the result of the project, please visit the blogs listed below.

Just Be:

Shelf Life:

Vintage to Vogue:

Loco for Coco: