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By studying abroad, students push academic, professional, and personal boundaries, and enrich their experience of design by opening their minds to ideas and practices that are as rich as they are varied. Not only do students see buildings and artifacts they have studied, but they participate in studios at their host universities, becoming intimate with another way of sharing knowledge and designing. Students also witness firsthand the cultures and contexts that shape people and their environments, all while building relationships with peers from around the world, traveling within their host country and surrounding countries, participating in school activities, and perhaps even learning a new language!

Students typically go abroad during their 3rd or 4th year of study. There is no departmental requirement to study abroad, but we encourage all our students to consider international study. We work closely with the International Programs Center to understand the particular requirements of some host universities, such as submitting a portfolio or speaking certain languages.

To begin, make an appointment with the Coordinator of the Study Abroad Program. They will assist with placement, connect you to the International Programs Center at UNCG, advise you regarding the application and recommendation process, and help arrange your course schedule. Studio hours transfer upon successful completion of course requirements, but IARc support courses need to be completed before studying abroad or in the semesters following the international experience. It is also possible to study abroad during the summer without a studio requirement while still fulfilling the IARc experience credits.

A second opportunity to study abroad is the IARc Travel Program. This generally occurs across two weeks or in the summer. Unlike the residential programs that focus on immersion in cultures different from our own, the Travel Program intends to take students and faculty to where the design is. This means staying in various places for short periods, a few days to a week or so. They are offered every other year, or when 20+ students express interest, faculty coordinate programs around a particular focus, theme, or culture. Recent trips have been to Italy, Greece, India, Spain, and throughout Western Europe.


Stephen Skorski
Assistant Professor, Interior Architecture
Coordinator of Study Abroad Program
Gatewood Studio Arts Bldg. Room 102

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