Welcome Professor Nisha Prasad!

Welcome Professor Nisha Prasad!

Posted on August 27, 2019

We have the honor of having Nisha Mary Prasad join our faculty for the 2019-2020 school year!

“Nisha Mary Prasad is an architectural designer and professor of design & visualization. She graduated with her Master’s degree in Architecture & Urban Design from Columbia University in 2011, and her Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology.  In the past decade, she has worked in all phases of design through projects varying in scale & scope. Whether she’s figuring out how a cupcake sits in a millwork display, or how a couple experiences the whimsical nature of a barn on their wedding day, or the precision required for the light trough details she collaborated on with James Turrell for the design of his latest Ganzfeld “egg”, she has always found herself immersed in details. She recently started her own Architectural + Interior Design Studio, NM Design Collaborative located in Winston Salem, NC. The studio remains dedicated to pushing the limits of design through human experience and leaving places better than how she finds them.”

She was recently featured in Madame Architect and her article can be found here.

Interests + Hobbies include :

“Architectural Photography, Painting, Traveling the world as often as I can. Spending time + making memories with 13 magical nieces + nephews. My mom always told me to leave any person, place, or situation better than how we found it, and that’s pretty much been my daily goal for 31 years now.”
Favorite Things about Dept:
“UNCG offers a platform for designers to truly become the best versions of themselves.  I hope the students truly appreciate how beautiful their studio space is and are taking advantage of the resources they have around them.  My favorite thing about teachingat UNCG is getting the students so psyched about their projects and their developing skills.  Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled than empowering designers to develop their craft and push themselves to be better than the person they were the day before.  I taught most of my senior design studio students two years ago for a visualization course, so I already know their skill level and personalities.  I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you how excited I was to have a group of 20 awesome creatives in my studio this semester.”