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Glenwood Grove Mural Progress

The Glenwood Mural has been coming along in the last few weeks. From the last update we filled in the […]

Glenwood Grove Mural Update

Over the past week and a half the mural has come a long way. We started by brushing off all […]

Glenwood Grove Mural

At CC-ED, we are finally starting to get into our projects! One that we’ve collectively been working on is a […]

Visit to Vance Chavis Library and Gateway Gradens

One of the projects for the CC-ED involves gathering data from past design studios in IARc, and assessing needs for […]

Finished Space!

CC-ED Space Design


Welcome! The Center for Community-Engaged Design is an interdisciplinary research center that fosters community/university partnerships for meaningful research and design of […]