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The Department of Interior Architecture offers a graduate program of study leading to a Master of Fine Arts degree requiring a minimum of 60 hours. At least 30 of these hours must be in 600-level courses. The requirements include:

Studio Course (18 hours)
IAR 501 Advanced Interior Architecture I (6)
IAR 502 Advanced Interior Architecture II (6)
IAR 602 Advanced Interior Architecture III (6)

Required Core Courses (6 hours)
IAR 631 Advanced Scholarship in Interior Architecture (3)
IAR 645 Introduction to Scholarship in Interior Architecture (3)

Electives in Area of Specialization (27-33 hours)
With prior approval by the Director of Graduate Study or the student’s thesis chair, a student will select a minimum of 27 hours in this area from the IAR courses or other 500 and 600 level courses taught in related areas in other departments.

Internship/ professional experience (3-12 hours)
With prior approval by the student’s thesis chair and the Director of Graduate Study in IAR, a student will select a minimum of 3 hours in this area. Both courses can be taken twice for credit.
IAR 600 Supervised Professional Experience (1-4)
IAR/HIS 690 Internship (3)

Thesis (6 hours) (Capstone Experience)
The student will complete six thesis hours and participate in a public defense of the thesis before other students and faculty members. The student’s thesis committee will be responsible for reviewing and approving the successful completion of the thesis. Credit may be divided over two or more semesters. Students can opt to defend their thesis in the spring or summer semester of their second year or fall semester of the third year. View Past Graduate Theses Topics
IAR 699 Thesis (6)

Good Standing
To continue forward in the program, students must have completed two semesters of full-time graduate work, possess a B (3.0) average in all courses taken during the first two semesters, and have an overall grade record consistent with the regulations stated in The Graduate School Bulletin.