Diversity, Equity and Inclusion | Interior Architecture

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

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Department of Interior Architecture
Pledge for Allyship, Social Justice, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
October 2020

During this current and tumultuous time and the numerous heinous acts of violence committed against members of the Black Community and other diverse communities in America and around the world, we, the faculty of the Interior Architecture at UNCG believe it is time for thoughtful and meaningful action. In order to support our richly diverse study body and our commitment for the betterment of all human beings, no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or economic position we offer the following pledges.

  1. To establish an appropriate platform for discussion on issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.   We have already started this work by forming the DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) Student Organization which is open to all students from the department of Interior Architecture. The focus of this group is to improve the diversity efforts and support of our students in all matters related to diversity, equity and inclusion and give our students a clear voice and vehicle for dialogue as well as a direct link to both the faculty and Department Head.  Faculty will meet once a semester at minimum or as requested with this group.
  2. To consider matters of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in all aspects of our department processes from student recruitment, admission and retention, to hiring and research activities, always recognizing that there is strength in diversity, equity and inclusion.
  3. To integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into our culture and curriculum. We will investigate ways to integrate DEI into the undergraduate and graduate curriculums: to provide diverse speakers and examples; to create studio work and projects around the subject of diversity or that focus on diverse communities and their needs.
  4. To develop an annual speaker series to support bringing in diverse researchers and practitioners as well those who study or celebrate diversity.  Plans are already underway to develop a DEI Speaker series for Spring 2021.
  5. To make a commitment to hiring diverse faculty. We do not know when our next faculty search will be in light of the COVID-19 impacts on searches and hiring; but, in preparation, we will work with the DEI group to help identify diverse candidates for that search.
  6. To celebrate and make visible our department’s diversity in our publications, websites and social media. This work has already been started this year in our highlighting of both Black and Hispanic student designers on social media. We continue to update the website with both visuals and text that clearly expresses the rich diversity of our student body. We will dedicate time and space on our website and social media to the DEI group.
  7. Develop a resource housed in our Department and available to both students and faculty and any members of our IARc community that collects writings, videos, podcasts, and   information of all kinds to support training and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion and the necessary undoing of bias of any kind.
  8. To continually address and reassess our efforts toward diversity, equity, and inclusion to ensure we remain committed to these pledges. One method of doing this is to include goals that support diversity within our annual assessment documents required by the university. We intend to do in this year’s submissions.  Discussion of our efforts toward diversity, equity and inclusion will also be a part of our faculty retreats held each semester.