Vision, Mission, and Core Values


A community of scholars active in design theory and practice, we transcend the accepted definitions of interior spaces, their appearances, their functions, human interactions within and outside them, and their impact on the world.


We see a world of design engagement in which we bring people together to make meaningful objects, spaces, and places.


Students and faculty engage in regional, national, and international design discourses, practices, and processes to unite interior spaces with enclosing architecture and the objects contained within them.


Greek authentikos, akin to Greek anyein, to accomplish, Sanskrit sanoti, he gains

Undisputed credibility
legitimacy, genuineness, being actually and exactly what is claimed
honesty of joy and pride in a job done well
high level of care and precision in craft
virtue, faithfulness and sincerity of intention
bona fide

Middle English comunete, from Latin communitas

agreement as to goals
accord, joint ownership or participation
common ownership of ideas
a group linked by a common policy
commitment to diversity
engaged beyond the university in professional and community activities
recognition and celebration of multiple cultures

Latin innovatus, past participle of innovare, from in- + novus new

creation resulting from study and experimentation
includes making, doing, and thinking
the introduction of something new
a new idea, method, or device
revolutionary change
a spirit of inquiry
do something in a new way

Middle English, from Old English stIweard, from stI, stig hall, sty + weard ward

careful and responsible management of the earth and its resources
social consciousness and responsibility to others
socially active and engaged at the university and beyond
judicious use of means to accomplish an end
cognizant of connections between the built and natural environment