Jazmine Rouser, BFA 2020

Jazmine Rouser, BFA 2020

Posted on January 16, 2024

In the world of interior architecture, Jazmine Rouser stands out as a testament to the transformative power of education. Graduating from UNC Greensboro’s Department of Interior Architecture in 2020, Jazmine has seamlessly transitioned into the profession, currently serving as a Store Planning Designer at City Building & Engineering Services. Her journey from student to practitioner is marked by a deep appreciation for the comprehensive education she received at UNCG.

Jazmine’s path to success began with a well-informed decision to enroll in UNCG’s Interior Architecture BFA program. Reflecting on her choice, she notes, “The Interior Architecture program at UNCG wasn’t just another interior design program. It could impact me with so much more knowledge than color coordination or design do’s or don’ts.” Her decision was influenced by an early internship experience in high school, guiding her towards schools that aligned with her future goals. UNCG’s Interior Architecture BFA, a CIDA accredited program, emerged as the ideal choice, offering a perfect blend of academic excellence and proximity to her hometown of Charlotte.

Jazmine fondly recalls her initial encounter with Tommy Lambeth, the former department head of Interior Architecture, which was a pivotal moment that set the tone for her UNCG experience. “When I first applied for the program and met Tommy, showcasing my work to him and all while he was so accepting… automatically made me feel like I was at home.” This sense of belonging became a cornerstone of her educational journey, fostering an environment where creativity and acceptance flourished.

One of Jazmine’s fondest memories revolves around her fourth-year project, Fordham’s Transformation. Located in downtown Greensboro, North Carolina, this project involved the adaptive reuse of an old drugstore/soda shop. Jazmine and her team conducted site visits, engaged with the owner, and collaborated with students from various universities in Greensboro. The project provided invaluable insights into the real-world challenges of the design process, preparing Jazmine for the profession that awaited her post-graduation.

The Interior Architecture department at UNCG played a pivotal role in equipping Jazmine with the skills necessary for success in professional practice. “The Interior Architecture department prepared me for post-graduation with the knowledge of everything I would need to know architecturally and interiorly for the design world,” she emphasizes. The program instilled critical thinking, proficiency in design software, and honed skills in preparation and presentation.

Jazmine reflects on the surprises that awaited her in the “real world,” emphasizing the importance of attention to detail. She discovered that the necessary steps taken in the program mirrored those essential in the profession. The initial years may not have seemed directly connected to creating the final product, but she realized the significance of a meticulous process in delivering high-quality designs.

Post-graduation, Jazmine’s journey reached a pinnacle when she founded her design business, Blaque Modern Interiors. Her greatest accomplishment, designing a 2,000-square-foot church/office space, showcased her capabilities as a self-employed interior designer. Collaborating with the church’s leaders, Jazmine created office spaces, conference rooms, and a TV production room, culminating in a successful grand opening.

Jazmine Rouser’s journey from UNCG’s Interior Architecture program to her current role as a Store Planning Designer at City Building & Engineering Services exemplifies the transformative power of education. Her story underscores the importance of a comprehensive and supportive learning environment in shaping the next generation of design professionals. Jazmine’s success is not only a testament to her talent but also to the holistic education provided by UNCG, preparing graduates for the dynamic challenges of the design world. As she expresses, “I thank God every day for putting me at UNCG in the Interior Architecture program. The knowledge this school has taught is much more than I could’ve ever imagined.”