Woodshop | Interior Architecture


The woodshop offers Interior Architecture students an array of equipment for working in woods, plastics, and other materials. With ample space and industrial quality tools, the shop can be used to build a variety of objects—projects completed in the space range from small models through finished pieces of furniture. Training is provided on all the equipment to ensure its safe and effective use. While in the shop, students will get practical, hands-on experience to complement the design skills they learn in the classroom. Regardless of previous experience or skill level, students who use the tools and shop leave feeling accomplished and empowered.

A few of the tools available in the shop include:

  • SawStop 3HP Professional Table Saw w/ Extension Table
  • Panel saw
  • Two standing drill presses
  • Jet mortising machine
  • Two wood lathes
  • Three bandsaws
  • Variety of sanding machines
  • Handheld power tools, including drills, routers, saws, etc.