Jack Kennedy, MFA 2016

Jack Kennedy, MFA 2016

Posted on December 15, 2017

Architectural Designer
Meadors Architecture
Charleston, SC

Jack is an enabler for the clients he works with; listening and working with them to ensure their vision is realized.  He is responsible for the planning and project management of sensitive rehabilitations of historic homes.  Often his role includes working with easement holders, the city, and the State Historic Preservation Office.  The scope of each project is unique and can be as detailed as designing and creating custom hardware or as broad as designing an entire home.

Jack’s recent and current projects include:

  • Residential design for 17 Legare Street, Charleston, SC
  • Augustus Taft House on 57 Laurens Street, Charleston, SC
  • Schematic design for 95 Lenwood Avenue, Charleston, SC
  • Feasibility studies on 20 South Battery and 23 Lamboll St. in Charleston, SC
  • Renovation of the Thomas Lamboll House on 19 King Street, Charleston, SC

Jack Kennedy