Placing Luminaires

This section will guide you towards the placement of luminaires in an interior space using lighting design software programs. The placement of luminaires in a scene involves the following steps:

  • Selection of the luminaire. Placement in the project. The location is adjusted by viewing the luminaires in the top, front and a side view to ensure that it is placed at the desired location.
  • A luminaire‚Äôs position can be further adjusted by rotating it along x, y or z-axis.
  • Luminaires can be selectively switched on or off to simulate their lighting effects within the scene.

Software Concepts Videos:


Luminaire Definition in AGi32 [00:01:24]

Luminaire Location Options in AGi32: Locate [00:01:10]

Luminaire Location Options in AGi32: Locate and Orient [00:01:15]

Luminaire Location Options in AGi32: Locate and Aim [00:01:20]

Dynamic Array in AGi32 [00:03:16]

Edit Luminaire Options in AGi32 [00:03:19]

3ds Max Design

Placing a luminaire in 3ds Max Design [00:02:38]


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