IARc Minor | Interior Architecture

IARc Minor

Please complete the IARc Minor Application.

Required: minimum of 18 semester hours

A minor in Interior Architecture is available for majors outside the Department of Interior Architecture. The minor requires a total of 18 semester hours selected from the list below. Applicants are required to meet with an advisor within the department to identify appropriate courses to take. The plan of study for the minor can be designed to enable a concentration in sustainability, professional practice, community-engaged design, and historical perspectives.

Students interested in an IARc minor must consult with an IARc advisor before declaring the minor. A cumulative GPA of C (2.0) or better must be achieved in the courses taken towards a minor.

Courses Offered

  • IAR 101: Basic Environmental Design 1 (4) Instructor Permission Required
  • IAR 102: Basic Environmental Design II (4) Instructor Permission Required
  • IAR 110: Design Visualization (3)
  • IAR 112: Design Visualization (3)
  • IAR 124: Introduction to Sustainable Design
  • IAR 221: History and Theory of Design I (3)
  • IAR 222: History and Theory of Design II (3)
  • IAR 331: Social and Behavioral Aspects of Interior Architecture (3)
  • IAR 332: Interior Architecture Materials (3)
  • IAR 451: Professional Practice in Interior Architecture (3)
  • IAR 427: Problems in Interior Architecture (2 to 6)
  • IAR 443: Historic Preservation: Principles and Practice (3)